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August 02, 2006


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» Hiring a PR agency from A PR Guru's Musings - Stuart Bruce
I usually really rate what Andrew Lark has to say but I'm puzzled by some of his most recent post on start-ups wanting to spend $10,000 to find a tech PR agency. He doesn't make it clear if he's talking a one-off project fee to start or this is one of ... [Read More]

» Hiring a PR agency and what should you pay them? from The New View From Object Towers
Andy Lark picks up on Tim Dyson's orignal post about the $10K PR problem. Stuart Bruce in turn has added his critique of Andy's views on the matter. There are a number of issues raised in all of these posts [Read More]

» The 10,000 question...Answered from Deborah Schultz
Andy started -- or rather restarted -- the great PR retainer debate. I have always had trouble with the PR model as it currently stands. In today's environment - why get second hand press coverage when you can get the [Read More]